Thursday, April 23, 2020

Virtually at Your Service

The market is changing and more of our jobs are being shifted to virtual work from home.  Google recently published an article sharing that this lifestyle trend has been increasing as millennials seek greater balance and quality home time.  This has been accelerated as we have all been thrown into the experience of social distancing home during the current COVID19 crisis.   

I am excited to share that as a company Coldwell Banker is staying ahead of the curve.  As a whole the industry is adapting to a new reality and requires much coordination with other services to support the needs of buyers and sellers in a socially distanced world.  There are many parties involved in a real estate transaction and the process is extremely complex.  I  work with several colleagues to make the process as seamless as possible. In addition, I have been very busy taking classes to keep up to date on innovative new tools that better serve my clients.  

There are many things that can be done whether one is Buying or Selling to prepare for their real estate needs.  Many of these steps along the journey can now be done without physical contact. 

I work with a great team to provide services that are available with zero physical contact if required due to Social Distancing needs.   

My colleague Ann Newberry who is Senior Move Manager and Owner of Smooth Transitions of Massachusetts, suggests starting to clean out one drawer a day as a start. 

First time Buyers can begin both a search process through my website as well as start to get their finances in order.  Tom McLaughlin at Guaranteed Rate offers a platform that starts the mortage qualification process from beginning through the close of a purchase online..   

There are many small steps that can be done to begin the buying or selling journey.   Ann, Tom and I will be offering a Virtual information session on May 20 at 5:00pm to share ideas on how to begin this process.   If you would like to join us please email to receive an invitation link. 

Wendy is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Needham and checks her social media accounts often.   If you have any questions or know anyone thinking about entering the real estate market feel free to share this with them.  

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