Tuesday, November 12, 2019

There's No Place Like Home

We all want to feel grounded and have a special safe place we can journey towards or return to for comfort.  I recently saw the movie "Judy" and was reminded of this theme as I listened to Renee Zellweger chant the words of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as she portrayed the role of Judy Garland.  (She did an amazing performance and in my opinion deserves an Oscar Nomination.) What struck me most as I sat through the movie was how important the ideology of this song is and it's relevance today.  

To me the idea of home is having a place of comfort to return to at the end of a long day.  For many it is a destiny that will bring happiness to our mundane lives.  During the holidays we often fantasize about returning to the home where we grew up.  As an adult this can be a positive feeling or a void of lost memories.  I tend to get emotional when I hear this song.  All young people wanted to be "Dorothy's" and seek their futures on the other end of the rainbow.    Towards the end of the movie you learn what a tragic life Judy Garland actually had and that her rainbow place was just a fantasy.  Sadly she succumbed to many outside pressures and was never able to define the image of her true home.   

Home can be a tiny cottage,  a large house,  a tent or for some just a place away from danger.  Home is the environment you hopefully choose to live.  Ideally it should be a place with people that make you comfortable and things you enjoy being surrounded by.   

I had started this blog post over a month ago but hadn't quite finished it.  In holding off,  I read a great article today about story telling in the WSJ.  The thesis of the article was the importance of story telling that should be shared and passed from one generation to the next.   Although one may not appreciate hearing some family lore these are often part of who we are (the foundation of our homes).  When we think about home and sharing time with family and friends over the holidays perhaps it is the string of stories that bring commonality and comfort to each of us.  

The older I get the more I wish I had listened and taken better notes of my family history as many of the first hand storytellers are no longer with us.  (Embrace the chance to listen to each other and only take out the your technology tools to take notes and keep records vs. checking your social media.  The opportunity cost of FOMO is higher amongst those who are present with you to share their stories. You can always catch up on your friends posts at a later time.)  As the holiday season approaches I hope you will embrace this time and enjoy positive feelings as you voyage towards that place you call home.  

Wendy is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Needham.  She loves helping people find their dream homes.   Check out her website at www.wendybcb.com or find her on facebook @wendybcb.