Monday, March 23, 2020

Resources to find #funthingstodowhilesocialdistancing

As I was putting the final touches on this blogpost to publish later today, Massachusetts Governor Baker has just issued an Emergency Order for non-essential workers to Stay In Place effective noon tomorrow through April 7.  It is now more timely than expected and is something I have been working on over the past week just in case this occurred.  

As most of my clients and friends know I like to be proactive. When I grew up my parents would not let me go out with friends until I finished my chores.  Thus I was always ahead of the game with getting them done.   In addition, I was a Girl Scout leader and raised 3 kids which also explains my motto of always being prepared.   I have recently been putting these skills to use while exploring all modes of life one can do from their socially distanced space.  I have prepared this information below. 

Please note: This list is for #funthingstodowhilesocialdistancing and does not include any COVID health resources.  These are best available from your local Community Health organizations. I will add to this as I learn of more ideas but this is compiled over the past week and should cover most bases.  

Errands done from home to save and free up your time
Online food delivery-they will personally shop and deliver ShipT,  Instacart you can have curbside pick up or delivery RocheBros. Some of these services are on overload and may not have easy delivery slots. 
Need a new book, puzzle or game- you can order these online and either pick up outside the store or have delivered for fee Ind├ępendant bookstores-Wellesley Book Store

No need to go to the Post Office just set up online-

Need dog/pet food you can order online 

Entertainment/Movies to watch:
Instead of going to live theater check this Globe article for online resources Watching Theater
Also for live streamed music/concerts check here
Love Music Festivals- check these out; or on Instagram at @stayathomefestival. 

Virtual Travel:
Instead of traveling to a real destination you can stream a movie and then go on tour to the film's location.  check this article
Its cherry blossom time and instead of going to Washington DC this spring you can see them here.

Facebook-stay connected but beware of fake ads etc,  I would try to use other tools as much as possible as do not trust potential exploitation from them.  Look at tools such as Zoom and Facetime-you can have actual group meetings -try a lunch date with friends, happy hour, bookclub.

Yoga apps such as Yoga Studio
Meditation such as Buddify 
5 at home workouts featured in the WSJ
Train for a virtual 5K with Prevention Magazine
Join Gretchen Rubin 20on20 Walk Group

Inspirational / Spiritual:
Gretchen Rubin-daily Instagram chats at 4pm
check your local synagogue/church for streaming of services

Kids/family activities:
Listen to stories and do related projects from children's author Kate Messner through her site Read, Wonder and Learn
For some online and new Game ideas
How about making a photo book online?  You can create one and go through old photos on one of the apps such as Snapfish
Keep your kids engaged on current events with free NYI weekly news quiz -maybe reward them if score well

Online virtual exhibit at the Reggie Lewis Museum Click here for a link to an exhibit donated by my family.  (Stearns collection)
Virtual Shakespeare
Google has partnered with Art Museums worldwide that you can visit virtually on a site called Google: Arts & Culture
Boca Raton Arts Museum has a program for kids called Keep Kids Smart with Art
See a virtual art exhibit hosted by The Cotuit Center for the Arts called BLUES
Classical Music lover here's the BSO online

Outdoor activities:
Places to go around Boston
Neighborhood walk
Drive around and look at architecture/old houses

Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance:
For the practical or one who enjoys doing things around the house how about getting an early start so you have more time to play.
This is a great time to declutter, clean and get your home ready for spring. I have prepared a Home Maintenance checklist and am happy to send you a copy if you email me:

I continually am posting new ideas on my Facebook page @wendybcb (Wendy Bornstein Coldwell Banker Needham) and use the #funthingstodowhilesocialdistancing.  I invite you to visit and like this page.  Please feel free to share any new suggestions there or below in the comments section as well.  Thank you and stay healthy.  We are all in this together.  

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