Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tools of the Trade

When my husband and I first got married we went up to Kennebunkport Maine for a weekend vacation.   I was excited to be able to shop at the outlet stores on our way home.  My husband insisted we visit Black & Decker where he bought a set of multi-sized screwdrivers.  I was less than excited than he was.   I preferred the clothing outlets but he insisted we would need these in our newly established home.  

My father-in-law collected all types of nails and screws.  His motto was you never know when you may need to find one.   They were both always prepared for household fixes.  Through the years (married 34 ) we have accumulated many more "necessary" tools and this has benefitted "do it yourself" repairs.   

I know this has been a time and money saver and the screwdrivers have outlasted any outfits I bought that day.  Although I still prefer clothes shopping I have learned, over the years, that there are times when you DO need the "right tools".    I have put together a list of essential tools for today's homeowner below.  In addition,  yesterday's Slate had a list of "must have" DIY tools  if you are planning your next shopping venture. 

Wendy is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Needham.  She raised 3 kids who did scouting and as a volunteer leader learned the motto "Always be prepared."   She now appreciates this saying and as such is always prepared with the best tools to help her clients when buying and selling real estate.  She welcomes referrals and invites you to visit her website at or contact her directly if you would like to learn more about local real estate in the Metrowest Boston or Mashpee/New Seabury area.  

Homeowner toolkit essentials:
Allen wrench 
Ball-end Allen wrenches
Box wrench 
Brads, bolts, screws, nails, and spikes, various sizes
Channel-lock pliers (water pump pliers)
Cordless drill/screwdriver
Curved claw hammer 
Digging spade
Duct tape 
Extendable-handle rake
Glue gun 
Level (2-inch with aluminum housing) Locking long-nose pliers 
Magnetic tack hammer
Needle-nose pliers 
Open-end wrench
Pipe wrenches 
Portable tool box
Pruning shears 
Pry bar
Pump water vacuum (wet/dry vac)
Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead
Socket wrench with a ratchet handle
Shears with stainless steel blades
Sheet metal screws 
Sledge hammer
Spray lubricant 
Staple gun
Strap wrench 
Tape measure
Torx screwdrivers 
Utility knife with a retractable blade
Wire cutters 
Work flashlight

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